19 May 2010


Poppy was reading her books to us. We laughed.

11 April 2010

No updates, Sorry

I have been slack, haven't I. Well, stand by for an attempt to remedy...

Yesterday started off pretty badly, with Poppy waking up well clogged in the nasals, so we wagged swimming lesson. She and I played, and Carmen shopped and cleaned and cooked, and I washed up.

For lunch, Kenyon and Krishelle came over, with their 4 yo twin girls, and Stu also came. We met K&K at church, and Stu used to work with Kenyon. Was a great BBQ, with the best ever smoky marinated steaks, and best ever homemade cheesecake. Very nice afternoon. Shame Christy couldn't come because of necessary practice.

In the late afternoon we cleaned ourselves up, and went up to Petrie for Russell and Briallen's engagement party. Was good fun. Managed to catch up with Brenton and Sarah there. But Poppy was not so flash. We put on the vapouriser when we got home, for the first time in ages.

This morning she was a lot better, but I thought it was still good for her not to go to church, so just Carmen went. Then after lunch, there were compulsory sleeps for all, with the little one getting nearly 3 hours, the medium one getting about an hour, and the big one getting about 200 pages... hehehe.

And playing this afternoon was fun. We asked Poppy if she could stand on one leg, and she immediately obliged! Freaked us out no end. (She was hanging onto the coffee table, but we didn't tell her not to... Clever kid.) And now leftover steak, and snags and eggs and chips for dinner, in front of the ... favourite tv show...

28 February 2010

NZ- Queenstown etc

So, we went to NZ for ten days. Had a great time. Following are some photos.

Poppy and me at the skyline thing, waiting for Carmen to Luge.
Carmen and Poppy "Luging". Poppy laughed harder if we went faster.

Lunch. Some others in the group (Carmen's workmates + their families): Lucas, Anna and kids.

On the lookout hill in Bluff. Was a bit breezy.

In a hardware store in Invercagill, I found this. Yes, it's the real thing.

Some bush walking in the Catlins.

The playground in Kakanui.

The riverside, Kakanui.

And then at home again, Poppy decided she like my socks and Carmen's hairband.

Sorry, no big stories. Next time. Maybe.

14 January 2010

Reflections on 1 complete year of Dad-ness

- Mums are amazing. Awesome. Single mums (or ones with useless partners) must be even more so. Carmen has never failed to surprise me with her resilience, persistence, imagination and humour. She gets to (has to?) be with Poppy all day every day, but it seems like she always has good things to say about new things they do. When I have one day, i run out of stuff to do with her.

- Repetition is the key to learning.

- Caffeine is an acceptable replacement for sleep. Carmen drinks no coffee. Amazing woman.

- Poppy is an awesome sleeper, compared to some friends' kids. Much grateful for that.

- Baby-group friends are awesome, because you are all sharing the same new experiences at the same time. We have some great old friends for advice on how they dealt with stuff, and great new friends to empathise in the now.

- Affectionate kids are so good. The first hug that Poppy gave me was just priceless, and i don't think I'll ever get sick of her voluntary cuddles. The late-night transfer from carseat to cot just kills me.

- Repetition is the key to learning.

- Interactive kids are great fun. she knows so much about what we are saying. "Where's Mummy? Where's doll? Where's Nonna? Can you put your feet in your mouth? You want to swing? Incy wincy spider" all get the right reponse. Plus she knows after bath, i dry her and get her dressed, and then pick her up, then she reaches down to pick up the towel, then on the way out of her room she reaches out to turn off the light (not quite strong enough yet though...), then she tries to turn on the light in the bathroom, then she hangs up her towel, etc. *I* reckon that's pretty advanced for a kid her age.

- Parents are biased.

- Gotta be careful when talking with people not to let the almost one-dimensional aspect your life has taken on dominate your conversation. Other people still have lives, Rob. Be interested in them.

- Repetition is the key to learning.

- Lots of photos are good. Must remember to follow up with lots of pics of number 2 (if/when it might ever eventually come along). (Middle child syndrome is to be avoided by good parenting, like I had.)

- No, 8 pm is not too early for bed. For the parents.

- No matter how cute your child is awake, it's almost a million-bajillion percent cuter asleep, lying on tummy with knees up and bum in the air, or stretched out on its back, with a hand behind head, or ... well, just asleep any old how.

- Repetition is the key to learning.

- We should make more effort to find/use baby-sitters. We are still married to each other, after all. Thanks to Henry though, who once told me that he always made a point of greeting his wife first when getting home from work. I like and do this.

- Some few kids make for a fuller house than more adults. Well, duh, Rob.

And the last thing I can think of right now: Family is fantastic. Make the most of it, even if its not quite ideal, because it won't last forever.

I want to share all the photos in the world, that we have, but I can't.

01 July 2009

Much Anticipated

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Saturday mornings are grouse:

We went to a swimming lesson.

I started eating solid foods...

I help Mummy at work (and on facebook...)

I hang out on Daddy's chest.

I still sleep a lot.

Mummy dressed me like I was in the 70s

I got a new high chair

I'm almost as big as Amy

We had a picnic.

I ate some pumpkin. I love that stuff!

Then mummy and I went to NZ again. I went on the swing.

We saw Mrs Sarah, and Madeline. We cuddled,

... then i grabbed her ear...

and she squeezed me tight. We're still best friends though.

And Thomas waited for daddy to get home one day for lunch.

05 May 2009

Laughter & Fun

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I haven't had much to say recently. Been to lots of places (Nan and Grandfather's, Auckland for Nonna and Poppa, Christchurch for Great-Nanna and Great-Grandad, plus Great-Lois among others, Tregona out west, etc), seen lots of people. Learnt lots of things from my daughter. Penelope's nearly 4 months old now, and in a great routine. Been sleeping through the night for well over a month, and only ever woke once per night. Well, maybe two or three times she woke twice, but generally...

Very happy little girl, only cries to tell us something is wrong, and loves to be entertained. We took her camping and 4-wheel-driving this weekend, along with two (as-yet) child-less couples. She loved it, and i don't think we have scared the others away from kids. Although our packing strategies might need to be refined, and it won't be long before tent requirements increase...

So, some video and photos:

This is the car, packed up around Poppy...

We set up a change station in the boot...

Fairly tight squeeze in the tent:

On the southern end of Rainbow Beach. Carmen had driven about 60km of soft-ish sand to get here.

Penelope's first swim. Didn't she love it...

And back in the car again, afterward, chillin.

I thought you needed to see the close-up of the expression on her face.

Disclaimer: ALL beach driving (all driving full-stop) was done with all occupants seated legally, including infant, in approved seats/capsule, as is proper and legal.

15 January 2009


One day old:

Isn't she just the best looking baby ever born?
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